"The meaning of life is to find your gift."

Pablo Piccaso


It's about Hope and Love

Newborns are the true gift of hope – they’re a beam of light that helps to illuminate our pathway forward into the future, and they help us pave the way for a respectful world.

We want to embrace a reverse industrial revolution, where humans, time, and respect are at the forefront of the production process. We value the delicate craftsmanship of our ancestors and our kin, and we want to highlight the skill, the patience, and the processes because in a world that moves too fast for us to see, we need to stop and take a moment to recognize the value of time.

The Earth is the cradle of our newborns, and we need to protect it. We embrace slow fashion, we embrace using natural eco-friendly materials that protect the environment. We don’t want to take shortcuts, and we don’t want to look away. This is our time to take a stand.

Reiet Reiets is our Hope.


Bringing Traditions Back To The Forefront

It seems as though we no longer have the time for patience, and this wonderful tradition has slowly been fading away, along with the appreciation and the need for professional knitters. 

Deep in our hearts and in our minds long live the memories of our ancestors and our kin – our family members who came before us and who worked to create the clothes that our grandparents, our parents, and even ourselves wore as children.


Here at Reiet Reiets, we want to embrace where we’ve come from by bringing our traditions into where we plan to go next. By focusing our line of baby clothing on the traditions of the past, we want to honor our ancestors and bring craftsmanship back into the world of clothing.