We’d like to invite you into a bit of our family history, so that you can begin to learn why we love to embrace the old and merge it with the new. You see, when our kin would hand-knit clothing for a new member of the family, each piece was entirely unique and in a sense, made specifically for that new little beam of light. Today, we embrace that process with fully made-to-order baby clothing that is handmade for one person in mind, your baby.

It all begins with the family

Reiets' story begins years ago with both our families. When Patrizia and Luis were just children, their grandmothers would knit everything from clothes, to shoes and hats for the new babies of the family. And with every new project, Patrizia and Luis would sit down right next to their grandmothers and watch in awe as their hands moved in a slow, but rhythmic and methodic dance with a gentle elegance for hours on-end. Patrizia still remembers the look of love that she saw in her grandmother's eyes when she would finish a piece and raise it up to her eyes for the first look – it was one of pure joy.

Many years went by and Patrizia and Luis reconnected with this heartfelt feeling in the beautiful city of Barcelona, through the work of various local artisans and knitting community members, they were able to revive the closeness that they had with her grandmothers.

Patrizia and Luis fell in love with the idea of creating a baby clothing brand that embraced a reverse industrial revolution business model, where mass production and economies of scale are not the ultimate goal. Reiets ultimate objective is to create hand-knitted items that last generations with the same love and care that their grandmothers used to put in their knitting for their families. A brand that respects the time it takes to create something beautiful and that recognizes the value of resources, producing only to order to minimize waste. Reiet Reiets was born to bring humans, love, time, and respect at the forefront of the production process.


"Reiet" is a common Catalan nickname for children, meaning “a little king.”