This isn’t fashion – It’s slow fashion.

Our sourcing process is not specifically designed to outpace the fast-moving world of supply and demand – instead, it’s about placing an emphasis on what really matters. We are intentionally slowing down fashion: all our items are made to order with love and care just for your baby and all materials are purchased in small-batch, to minimize waste.

Additionally, we’ve worked to build a comprehensive sourcing process designed also to maximize the benefits for the farmers and yarn producers who we partner with. For instance, for all the articles made of Spanish Transhumant Merino Wool, 25% of the yarn producer's profit are going to the shepherds. Additionally, we source locally only in Europe, because the only way to grow a community is to embrace the small businesses who operate within it. 



By embracing our Spanish traditions, we are doing more than simply reviving the old way of doing things – we’re promoting the main tenets of sustainability. We strive to protect the environment, and we do it through slow fashion.