At Reiet Reiets, our work is focused on breathing new life into the world by embracing a delicate, age-old tradition – and every person in our community is part of our dream for hope. 


Our Artisans

Mar, the Master Knitter, and her team demonstrate just how we look to bring hand knitting and crocheting together with pure artistic beauty.

Every piece from our line of baby clothing is handmade by skilled artisans in the heart of Barcelona, Spain. Each and every day, we work to continue to strengthen our relationships with these artisans, so that we not only honor their knowledge and their traditional skills, but also help to bring their creativity to light for all to see.

Together with our community of artisans, we shed light on a wonderful Spanish tradition and those who practice it.


Our Farmers & Yarn Producers

For us and for our products, we’re focused on using premium components to deliver a high-quality product that our customers love. We have worked to build a comprehensive sourcing process designed also to maximize the benefits for the farmers and yarn producers who we partner with. For instance, for all the articles made of Spanish Transhumant Merino Wool, 25% of the yarn producer's profit are going to the shepherds. 

Here at Reiet Reiets, we believe that everyone has a role to play.