“Nothing is art if it doesn’t come from nature.”

Antoni Gaudi


Nature plays an important role in nearly everything that we do. Along with the fair trade yarn that we source, our embrace of sustainability, and our organic baby clothing products, we also have another relationship with the world around us that stands tall on another level.

We’re nature lovers at heart, and we love everything that our planet has to offer us. 

Having called the city of Barcelona home for so long, the Spanish metropolis and the surrounding countryside offer one a space to become one with the magical landscape that has been laid out beneath our feet. 

And the city itself embraces this idea, because the traditions that it holds deep within the walls of its buildings come from this personal relationship with nature. We’re inspired by the natural materials that we find in nature, in addition to the natural beauty of the Earth.

In our minds, it’s all about taking a long, hard look into the world around us. From there, it’s easy to see beauty in everything and anything natural. After all – it’s life, and life really is beautiful.