To Draw, You Must Close Your Eyes And Sing”

Pablo Picasso


There’s just something about this city that sticks with you – it stays engrained in your mind forever once you visit it, and the sights, the smells, and the sounds live on with you until you return back to it.

We’re from Barcelona, and this is our place of origin. We’ve found inspiration from the city, the people, the warmth of the Spanish sun, the smell of the ocean, and the beautiful world that has been laid out right before us in this wonderful metropolis.

We’re inspired by the unique and one of a kind architecture that can be found upon every street corner, the uniqueness of the people who inhabit the city and call this place home, and the coastal beaches that are of the most beautiful in the world. The city of Barcelona is more than just a city – it’s the first page of our story.




This Is Where our Story Begins

Luis grew up in Barcelona, and it’s exactly where the tradition that we pay homage to comes from. The craftsmen and artisans of times passed delicately wove and knit their handmade clothing from the materials that they could source themselves nearby.

There weren’t machines involved, nor any synthetic components – it was all a natural process that required the hand of a true artisan.

 Barcelona is special to us for that very reason, and it’s our main source of inspiration.